IB6 Timeline Project Instructions





  1. Begin with 6 sheets of computer printer paper.


  1. The 6 sheets will be used for a cover sheet and 5 centuries.


  1. The cover page will read:  My three timelines reflecting important historical events and/or people in the past five centuries in the areas of: Literature/Art, Science, and the Humanities.


  1. Tape the six perforated pages together so that they will not rip apart.


  1. With pencil, measure vertically on each page except the cover page 5.5 cm, 11cm, and 16.5cm from the top edge and put a dot. 


  1. Connect the dots across with a meter stick.


  1. Divide each century into 10 decades measuring horizontally:  2.8 cm, 5.6 cm, 8.4 cm, 11.2 cm, 14 cm, 16.8 c, 19.6 cm, 22.4 cm and 25.2 cm.


  1. Put the names of the centuries at the top of each of the five pages:  1500-1599; 1600-1699; 1700-1799; 1800-1899; and 1900-2009.


  1. Using pencil, print the words for the cover page.


  1. Decide on how you will highlight, illustrate, or decorate your cover page and timeline.


  1. Research the events and people that will appear on your timeline.


  1. Pencil in the events and people on the timeline.


  1. Draw or glue a “visual” for each event or person on your timeline.


  1. Go over all of the pencil printing with ink.


  1. Be ready to present your project to the class.