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Suncoast Academy
Board of Directors

Next Board of Directors
Wednesday,  Jan. 22nd. Wednesday,  March 19th.
Meetings are at 4:30


  Plan ahead save these dates News & Updates


Apr.  16-17; 21-22; 28-29   FCAT Testing 3,4,5th grades
Apr.  18  Mini Break No School
Apr.  21 Pasta 4 Pennies Starts
Apr.  24 Take your child to work day Participation Questions
Apr.  25 All School Morning Meeting (
Apr.  25  Jean Day

May  9  Pasta for Pennies Ends
May 16 10th Anniversary Gala
May 22 All School Morning Meeting
May 29 5th Grade Graduation  7pm
May 30 Kindergarten Graduation 9am

Jun  2   Last day for Students
Jun  2   5th Grade Field Day

Reminder you must log your volunteer hours in the PALS
computer at the front desk,
Special Announcement:

Suncoast has a winning playwright:

Dallis Mullett was one of 40 students, out of over 3,000, whose
play was chosen by  Florida Studio Theatre.
"Licorice Save the Day! will be performed by FST  Congrats Dallis


PLEASE NOTE: New parents must register in the PALS system;
all returning parents must    reactivate. ALL volunteers must 
be approved before you will be allowed to volunteer on campus.
 So,  make time during your first few visits to school to register,
or reactivate as it takes a while for approval. 

Also note you will need to have your drivers license scanned
at the front desk on your first visit,  after that you will be in
the database, and will only need to stop and get a tag. 


We have again been named an
       A  school 2013.
         for more information

FCAT Writes Parent FYI

The table below provides the percent of students in our School scoring  on grade level, proficient, or advanced. (Achievement Levels Rubric) For complete scores for all Florida schools please
 click here FL-DOE

Suncoast 3rd Grade Percent Scoring Three and Above
last update 5/29/13 Reading Mathematics

Suncoast Academy



Sarasota Avg.

71 68

State Avg.

57 58
Suncoast 4th grade Percent Scoring Three and Above
last update 7/2/13 Reading Writing Mathematics

Suncoast Academy




Sarasota Avg.

70 67 67

State Avg.

60 57 61
 Suncoast 5th grade Percent Scoring Three and Above
last update 7/2/13 Reading Science Mathematics

Suncoast Academy




Sarasota Avg.

72 64 64

State Avg.

60 53 55

The mission of Suncoast Academy is to integrate
excellence in education, with highly motivated and
qualified teachers, deeply concerned and involved
parents and a supportive community; which will
provide students a superior learning opportunity
while developing and reinforcing a strong value
system and a healthy work ethic that affords children
the tools needed to succeed and contribute in the 21st century.

School Tours Available
Tue., Wed. or Thurs.
9 to 2
(no appointment necessary)
We have very few spots still open in Kindergarten. Other grades are on wait list. 

is now on
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Looking to get your
volunteer hours out of the way?

Daily Needs:
Lunch 11:00 until 1:00 daily
Shelve Books in the Library 

Up Coming Events:
10th Year Gala

(Student grades on line)

Food & Nutrition
free or reduced applications



Suncoast has our own onsite
before and aftercare program.
Call the school 924-4242
for more information or email.

It is your responsibility
to set up before and/or after care, and to let us know where the student goes; any changes in afternoon transportation must be in writing.

The following are not associated with Suncoast Academy, however they  provide drop off and/or pickup services to us.  ATA Karate,   Community Bible Chapel,  There is also a school bus to
Boys & Girls Club and Girls Inc programs.
Educational games, activities, and kid friendly links to the internet.


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